Call Number (LC) Title Results
F1037 .B8 New England's outpost, Acadia before the conquest of Canada, 1
F1037 .C1 1878 A history and geography of Nova Scotia. 1
F1037 .C33 Un pèlerinage au pays d'Évangéline / 1
F1037 .C8 Acadia, or, A month with the blue noses / 1
F1037 .D4 1944 More about Nova Scotia, my own, my native land, 1
F1037 .M38 1994eb The quest of the folk : antimodernism and cultural selection in twentieth-century Nova Scotia / 1
F1037 .M52 An Acadian heritage from the St. John River Valley / 1
F1037 .M8 Down north and up along, 1
F1037 .S5 1908 Farm-cottage, camp and canoe in maritime Canada; or, The call of Nova Scotia to the emigrant and sportsman; 1
F1037 .S6 1958 The province of Nova Scotia : geographical aspects / 1
F1037 .T7 1923 Ambling through Acadia, 1
F1037 .W2 Baddeck, and that sort of thing. 1
F1037 .W25 1942 Nova Scotia, the land of cooperation, 1
F1038 Something of a peasant paradise? : comparing rural societies in Acadie and the Loudunais, 1604-1755 / 1
F1038 .B4 1961 The foreign Protestants and the settlement of Nova Scotia; the history of a piece of arrested British colonial policy in the eighteenth century. 1
F1038 .B8 1937 The neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia; a marginal colony during the revolutionary years, 1
F1038 .C59 Acadia; the geography of early Nova Scotia to 1760. 1
F1038 .C664 2004eb The "conquest" of Acadia, 1710 : imperial, colonial, and aboriginal constructions / 1
F1038 .F37 2005 A great and noble scheme : the tragic story of the expulsion of the French Acadians from their American Homeland / 1
F1038 .G38 Linguistic and cultural heritage of the Acadians in Maine and New Brunswick / 1