Call Number (LC) Title Results
F3429.T2168 2014 Peruvian Archaeology : a Critical History. 1
F3429 .U88 1990 The history of a myth : Pacariqtambo and the origin of the Inkas / 1
F3429.V3873 Language, authority, and indigenous history in the Comentarios reales de los Incas / 1
F3429.V3873 H953 2010 Humanismo, mestizaje y escritura en los Comentarios reales / 1
F3429 .V59 Realm of the Incas. 1
F3429 ebook La Relación de Antigüedades Deste Reyno Del Pirú Gramática y Discurso Ideológico Indígena.
Incas ilustrados : reconstrucciones imperiales en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII /
F3429.1 Nova. 1
F3429.1.A45 +G74 The art and archaeology of Pashash / 1
F3429.1.A45 L385 2011eb Andean expressions : art and archaeology of the Recuay culture / 1
F3429.1.A45 T58 1997 From two republics to one divided : contradictions of postcolonial nationmaking in Andean Peru / 2
F3429.1.A5 R3 The necropolis of Ancon in Peru; a contribution to our knowledge of the culture and industries of the empire of the Incas; 1
F3429.1.A78 A45 1998 Montane Foragers : Asana and the south-central Andean archaic / 1
F3429.1.A9 L45 2008 The circulation of children : kinship, mobility, and morality in Ayacucho / 1
F3429.1.A9 +P73 1980 The Prehistory of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru / 1
F3429.1.A9 S75 1982 Peru's Indian peoples and the challenge of Spanish conquest : Huamanga to 1640 / 2
F3429.1.C3 G84 Guitarrero Cave : early man in the Andes / 1
F3429.1.C37 P69 1987eb Early settlement and subsistence in the Casma Valley, Peru / 1
F3429.1.C46 C47 Chan Chan, Andean desert city / 2
F3429.1.C48 B86 1992 Chavin and the origins of Andean civilization / 1
F3429.1.C5 +T9 Twenty-four architectural plans of Chan Chan, Peru : structure and form at the capital of Chimor / 1