Call Number (LC) Title Results
F3429.1.C46 C47 Chan Chan, Andean desert city / 2
F3429.1.C48 B86 1992 Chavin and the origins of Andean civilization / 1
F3429.1.C5 +T9 Twenty-four architectural plans of Chan Chan, Peru : structure and form at the capital of Chimor / 1
F3429.1.C53 +B86 1992 Chavin and the origins of Andean civilization / 1
F3429.1.C9 B38 1992 The development of the Inca state / 1
F3429.1.C9 ebook El Libro de Protocolo Del Primer Notario Indígena (Cuzco, Siglo XVI) Cuestiones Filológicas, Discursivas y de Contacto de Lenguas. 1
F3429.1.C9 Y38 2012eb The two faces of Inca history : dualism in the narratives and cosmology of ancient Cuzco / 1
F3429.1.H82 +K3 The origins of the Chavín culture / 1
F3429.1.H83 S65 1984 Huarochirí, an Andean society under Inca and Spanish rule / 1
F3429.1.I24 +M46 Pottery style and society in ancient Peru : art as a mirror in the Ica Valley, 1350-1570 / 1
F3429.1.J46 F76 2011 From Foraging to Farming in the Andes : New Perspectives on Food Production and Social Organization. 1
F3429.1.J46 T77 2020 Las Varas Ritual and Ethnicity in the Ancient Andes / 1
F3429.1.J86 R52 Prehistoric hunters of the high Andes / 1
F3429.1.L35 V36 2021 Alluvium and empire : the archaeology of colonial resettlement and Indigenous persistence on Peru's north coast / 1
F3429.1.M3 Neoliberal reform in Machu Picchu : protecting a community, heritage site, and tourism destination in Peru /
Machu Picchu in context : interdisciplinary approaches to the study of human past /
F3429.1.M3 A43 2011 Turn right at Machu Picchu : rediscovering the lost city one step at a time / 1
F3429.1.M3 B617 1963 Lost city of the Incas : the story of Machu Picchu and its builders / 1
F3429.1.M3 H35 2017 Framing a lost city : science, photography, and the making of Machu Picchu / 1
F3429.1.M3 +M33 2004 Machu Picchu : unveiling the mystery of the Incas / 1
F3429.1.M3 P617 Lost city of the Incas, the story of Machu Picchu and its builders. 1