Call Number (LC) Title Results
F3429.3.G5 T87 1976 Gold for the gods : a catalogue to an exhibition of pre-Inca and Inca gold and artifacts from Peru / 1
F3429.3.G6 O9 2012eb Bound Lives : Africans, Indians, and the Making of Race in Colonial Peru / 1
F3429.3.G6 T73 1991 Transatlantic encounters : Europeans and Andeans in the sixteenth century / 1
F3429.3.G6 V37 The forest Indians in the present political situation of Peru. 1
F3429.3.I77 G45 2000 Water and power in highland Peru : the cultural politics of irrigation and development / 1
F3429.3.K53 Q87 2016 Nobles de papel : identidades oscilantes y genealogâias borrosas en los descendientes de la realeza Inca / 1
F3429.3.K55 S95 1972 Andean kinship and marriage / 1
F3429.3.M4 D63 1984 Visionary vine : hallucinogenic healing in the Peruvian Amazon / 1
F3429.3.M42 T87 Studies in ancient Peruvian metalworking : an investigation of objects from the Museo Oro del Peru exhibited in Canada in 1976-77 under the title "Gold for the Gods" / 1
F3429.3.M63 C33 2000 Indigenous Mestizos : the politics of race and culture in Cuzco, Peru, 1919-1991 /
Indigenous Mestizos : the politics of race and culture in Cuzco, 1919-1991 /
F3429.3.M63 M39 2016 Lima fundida : épica y nación criolla en el Perú / 1
F3429.3.M7 Q56 1989eb Life and death at Paloma : society and mortuary practices in a preceramic Peruvian village / 1
F3429.3.P34 Heaven, hell, and everything in between : murals of the colonial Andes / 1
F3429.3.P65 Indians and mestizos in the "lettered city" : reshaping justice, social hierarchy, and political culture in colonial Peru / 1
F3429.3.P65 C69 2006 How the Incas built their heartland : state formation and the innovation of imperial strategies in the Sacred Valley, Peru / 1
F3429.3.P68 Demographic collapse : Indian Peru, 1520-1620 / 1
F3429.3.P68 C66 Demographic collapse, Indian Peru, 1520-1620 / 1
F3429.3.P8 B7 Les vases péruviens de la collection de LL. MM. le roi Albert et la reine Élisabeth de Belgique 1
F3429.3.P8 L5 Representaciones patológicas en la cerámica peruana. 1
F3429.3.P8 +M86 1981 Museums of the Andes / 1