Call Number (LC) Title Results
F394.P62 S75 1996 My remembers : a Black sharecropper's recollections of the Depression / 1
F394.P62.S75 1999 My Remembers : a Black Sharecroppers's Recollections of the Depression. 1
F394.S19 B75 San Antonio during the Texas Republic; a city in transition, 1
F394.S19 H11 San Antonio's Mission San Jose; State and National historic site, 1720-1968, 1
F394.S19 H11a The Alamo chain of missions; a history of San Antonio's five old missions, 1
F394.S2 A65 San Antonio, city of missions, 1
F394.S2 D196 1996 History and legends of the Alamo and other missions in and around San Antonio / 1
F394.S2 M39 1995 Tejano religion and ethnicity : San Antonio, 1821-1860 / 1
F394.S2 M57 2000 The illusion of inclusion : the untold political story of San Antonio / 1
F394.S2 T43 1991 Tejano origins in eighteenth-century San Antonio / 1
F394.S21157 W56 2021eb Queen of the West A Documentary History of San Antonio, 1718-1900. 1
F394.S2119 Beyond the Alamo : forging Mexican ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861 / 1
F394.S2119 ǂb M51737 2012eb Sancho's Journal : Exploring the Political Edge with the Brown Berets. 1
F394.S2119M5135 2004eb Quest for Tejano Identity in San Antonio, Texas, 1913-2000. 1
F394.S2119 M5163 2008 Beyond the Alamo : forging Mexican ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861 / 1
F394.S2119 M51736 2010eb Quixote's soldiers : a local history of the Chicano movement, 1966-1981 / 1
F394.S2119 M5175 1999 Places left unfinished at the time of creation / 1
F394.S64 P47 2010eb Smeltertown : making and remembering a Southwest border community / 1
F394.T4 M56 2014eb City on fire : the explosion that devastated a Texas town and ignited a historic legal battle / 1
F394.T48 G46 2008eb The birth of a Texas ghost town : Thurber, 1886-1933 / 1