Call Number (LC) Title Results
F591 +D7 1942 Westward America, 1
F591 +D7o 1956 The old West speaks / 1
F591 .D71 1941 Indian-fighting army 1
F591.D73 2001eb The Making of the Great West 1512-1883. 1
F591 +E5 1980 The end and the myth / 1
F591 .E823 Essays on the history of the American West / 1
F591 .E85 2006 Beyond the Missouri : the story of the American West / 1
F591 .F2 1961 The Far West and Rockies : General analytical index to the fifteen volume series and supplement to the Journals of Forty-Niners, Salt Lake to Los Angeles / 1
F591 +F63 Western ghost towns. 1
F591 .F76 2011eb Go east, young man : imagining the American West as the Orient / 1
F591 .F89 The Frontier challenge responses to the trans-Mississippi West. 1
F591 .F9 1962 Frontier omnibus. 1
F591 +F93 The Frontier re-examined, 1
F591 .G6 Exploration and empire; the explorer and the scientist in the winning of the American West, 1
F591 .G79 1963 The Bonanza West; the story of the Western mining rushes, 1848-1900. 1
F591 .G8 Beyond the old frontier; adventures of Indian-fighters, hunters, and fur-traders, 1
F591 .H1 1954 Old Spanish Trail: Santa Fé to Los Angeles, 1
F591 .H2 1905 My sixty years on the plains, trapping, trading, and Indian fighting, 1
F591 .H39 America's western frontiers; the exploration and settlement of the Trans-Mississippi West 1
F591 .H4 The Bozeman trail; historical accounts of the blazing of the overland routes into the Northwest, and the fights with Red Cloud's warriors, 1