Call Number (LC) Title Results
F591 .F89 The Frontier challenge responses to the trans-Mississippi West. 1
F591 .F9 1962 Frontier omnibus. 1
F591 +F93 The Frontier re-examined, 1
F591 .G6 Exploration and empire; the explorer and the scientist in the winning of the American West, 1
F591 .G79 1963 The Bonanza West; the story of the Western mining rushes, 1848-1900. 1
F591 .G8 Beyond the old frontier; adventures of Indian-fighters, hunters, and fur-traders, 1
F591 .H1 1954 Old Spanish Trail: Santa Fé to Los Angeles, 1
F591 .H2 1905 My sixty years on the plains, trapping, trading, and Indian fighting, 1
F591 .H39 America's western frontiers; the exploration and settlement of the Trans-Mississippi West 1
F591 .H4 The Bozeman trail; historical accounts of the blazing of the overland routes into the Northwest, and the fights with Red Cloud's warriors, 1
F591 .H43 1957 Central route to the Pacific. With related material on railroad explorations and Indian affairs by Edward F. Beale, Thomas H. Benton, Kit Carson, and E. A. Hitchcock, and in other documents, 1853-54. 1
F591 .H7 1963 The wonderful West. 1
F591 .H74 The Great American Desert then and now 1
F591 +H8 1959 The great American West: a pictorial history from Coronado to the last frontier. 1
F591 .H82 The story of the outlaw; a study of the western desperado, with historical narratives of famous outlaws; the stories of noted border wars; vigilante movements and armed conflicts on the frontier. 1
F591 .H99 1990 An American vision : Far Western landscape and national culture, 1820-1920 / 1
F591 .J33 1994 On Turner's trail : 100 years of writing western history / 1
F591 .J66 The bloody Bozeman; the perilous trail to Montana's gold 1
F591 .J663 2007 Hunger for the wild : America's obsession with the untamed West / 1
F591 +J76 The Plains States: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota [and] South Dakota, 1