Call Number (LC) Title Results
F591 .U5p Prospector, cowhand, and sodbuster; historic places associated with the mining, ranching, and farming frontiers in the trans-Mississippi West. 1
F591 .U53 1992 Under an open sky : rethinking America's Western past / 1
F591 .U59 Soldier and brave; historic places associated with Indian affairs and the Indian wars in the trans-Mississippi West. 1
F591 +V56 1987 Exploring the West / 1
F591 .V58 Mountain men, 1
F591 +W27 1996 The West : an illustrated history / 1
F591 .W3 1931 The Great Plains, 1
F591 .W3 1931a The Great Plains / 1
F591 .W453 1995 The way to the West : essays on the Central Plains / 1
F591 .W5 1939 The changing West; an economic theory about our golden age, 1
F591 .W52 The Western historical quarterly. 1
F591 .W55 2008 Disaster tech / 1
F591 .W69 1991 "It's your misfortune and none of my own" : a history of the American West / 1
F591 .W72 The mysterious West 1
F591 .W74 A classified bibliography of the periodical literature of the trans-Mississippi West, 1811-1957 / 1
F591 .W8 1939 The westward movement; a book of readings on our changing frontiers, 1
F591 .W86 1953 The bonanza trail; ghost towns and mining camps of the West. 1
F591 .W875 1992 Under western skies : nature and history in the American West / 1
F591 .W876 1994 An unsettled country : changing landscapes of the American West / 1
F591 .W88 1991 Writing western history : essays on major western historians / 1