Call Number (LC) Title Results
G156.5.O94 F74 2021 Overcoming overtourism : creating revived originals / 1
G156.5.O94 O94 2021 Overtourism, technology solutions and decimated destinations / 1
G156.5.P55 Humanistic perspectives in hospitality and tourism. 1
G156.5.R44 Religious tourism in Asia : tradition and change through case studies and narratives /
The Many Voices of Pilgrimage and Reconciliation /
Local identities and transnational cults within Europe /
Religious pilgrimage routes and trails : sustainable development and management /
G156.5.R44 B74 2004 Blessed with tourists : the borderlands of religion and tourism in San Antonio / 1
G156.5.R44 .C475 2019 Christian Tourism, Myth-Making and Identity Formation. 1
G156.5.R44 H67 2023 Host communities and pilgrimage tourism : Asia and beyond / 1
G156.5.R44 S77 2011eb Religion and tourism : crossroads, destinations and encounters / 1
G156.5.R58 R58 2009 River tourism / 1
G156.5.R87 Meeting Challenges for Rural Tourism through Co-Creation of Sustainable Tourist Experiences. 1
G156.5.S63 Tourism and wellness : travel for the good of all? /
Hospitality, home and life in the platform economies of tourism /
G156.5.S63 G66 2020 Labour policies, language use and the 'new' economy : the case of adventure tourism / 1
G156.5.S63 P67 2018 Souvenir / 1
G156.5.S66 Small scale sport tourism events and local sustainable development : a cross-national comparative perspective / 1
G156.5.S66 S28 2013eb Scuba diving tourism / 1
G156.5.S87 Engaged Community Participation by means of Responsible Tourism Development : Exemplified at the National Park `La Campana`.
New trends towards Mediterranean tourism sustainability /
Cultural sustainable tourism /
Southern African perspectives on sustainable tourism management : tourism and changing localities /
Strategies in sustainable tourism, economic growth and clean energy /
Sustainability leadership in tourism : interviews, insights, and knowledge from practice /
Asian tourism sustainability /
Sustainable tourism development in the Himalaya : constraints and prospects /
G156.5.S87 .A43 2012 Information Communication Technologies and Sustainable Tourism. 1
G156.5.S87 C58 2023 Cities' vocabularies and the sustainable development of the Silkroads / 1
G156.5.S87 C85 2022eb Cultural sustainable tourism : strategic planning for a sustainable development / 1
G156.5.S87 D47 2023 Environment, resources and sustainable tourism : Goa as a case study / 1