Call Number (LC) Title Results
G525 .H6 The human side of the news. 1
G525 .H67 The History of Prince Lee Boo, to which is added, The life of Paul Cuffee, a man of colour, also, Some account of John Sackhouse, the Esquimaux. 1
G525 .H8 Steamboat disasters and railroad accidents in the United States : to which is appended accounts of recent shipwrecks, fires at sea, thrilling incidents / 1
G525 .M564 2013eb A sea of misadventures : Shipwreck and survival in early America / 1
G525 +N27 1963 Great adventures with National geographic; exploring land, sea, and sky. 1
G525 .R56 Yankee skippers to the rescue; a record of gallant rescues on the north Atlantic by American seamen. 1
G525 .S26 2020 Desert islands and the liquid modern / 1
G525 .S34 2014 Poseidon : China's secret salvage of Britain's lost submarine / 1
G525 .S554 1993 Castaway in paradise : the incredible adventures of true-life Robinson Crusoes / 1
G525 .S557 2016eb Site formation processes of submerged shipwrecks / 1
G525 .S6 1956 The vengeful sea. 1
G525 .T29 2006 Tarzan was an eco-tourist-- : and other tales in the anthropology of adventure / 1
G525 .T328 2022 Ships and shipwrecks of the late Tudor Dynasty / 1
G525 .T4 Men of danger, 1
G525 .T475 2000 Graveyard of the lakes / 1
G525 .T73 2016 The Tragic History of the Sea, 1589-1622: Narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen São Thomé (1589), Santo Alberto (1593), São João Baptista (1622) and the journeys of the survivors in South East Africa. 1
G525 .V37 2015eb Hoards, grave goods, jewellery : objects in hoards and in burial contexts during the Mongol invasion of Central-Eastern Europe / 1
G525 .V5 1931 Secret treasure; hidden riches of the British Isles, 1
G525 .W68 The English adventurers. 1
G525 .W735 1974 The devil's triangle / 1