Call Number (LC) Title Results
G80 .G18 The discoveries of the world 1
G80 .G6 Ocean's story; or, Triumphs of thirty centuries; 1
G80 +H16 Age of exploration, 1
G80 .H16 1966 Age of exploration, 1
G80 .J1 The story of geographical discovery; how the world became known, 1
G80 .K58 2013 Geography and the classical world : unearthing historical geography's forgotten past / 1
G80 .L45 1995 Shores of discovery : how expeditionaries have constructed the world / 1
G80 .M38 2005 All possible worlds : a history of geographical ideas / 1
G80 .N9 1954 The great discoveries and the first colonial empires. 1
G80 .P36 1963 The age of reconnaissance. 1
G80 .P36 1964 The age of reconnaissance/ 1
G80 .P37 The discovery of the sea 1
G80 .R425 2014 Reinterpreting Exploration : the West in the World. 1
G80 .S25 Northern mists 1
G80 .S43 2017 The Sea in World History. 1
G80 .S78 Great adventures and explorations from the earliest times to the present : as told by the explorers themselves / 1
G80 .S9 1961 A history of exploration from the earlies time to the present day 1
G80 .T54 The untold story of exploration, 1
G80 .U485 2021 Ultimate Bible Atlas 1
G80 .V5 1879 The exploration of the world / 1