Call Number (LC) Title Results
HB171 .M4 1938 An introduction to economic analysis and policy, 1
HB171 .M4g Principles of political economy, 1
HB171 .M469 The Growing Economy (Routledge Revivals). 1
HB171 .M478 Principles of political economy vol 3 The controlled economy. 1
HB171 .M48 The Means to prosperity 1
HB171 .M545 2009 Thirteen persistent economic fallacies / 1
HB171 .M557eb vol. 6 The collected papers of Franco Modigliani. 1
HB171 .M558 2013 The global economy in transition : debt and resource scarcities / 1
HB171 .M5584 2010eb Money and macrodynamics : Alfred Eichner and post-Keynesian economics / 1
HB171 .M59 Collected papers 1
HB171 .M6 1941 Modern economics, elements and problems. 1
HB171 .M634 2018 Economía de Barbacoa 1
HB171 .M64 1965 Elements of political economy. 1
HB171 .M68 1937 The backward art of spending money, and other essays, 1
HB171 .M69 The collected papers of Franco Modigliani / 1
HB171 .M7 Value and income. 1
HB171 .M9 1949 Controlling factors in economic development. 1
HB171 .N33 Natural resources, uncertainty, and general equilibrium systems : essays in memory of Rafael Lusky / 1
HB171 .N37 2014eb Big picture economics : how to navigate the new global economy / 1
HB171 .N5 Economic welfare, 1