Call Number (LC) Title Results
HB171 .S76 Economics; readings in analysis and policy. 1
HB171 .S84 1989 From exploitation to altruism / 1
HB171 .S85 1965 Essays in the history of economics 1
HB171 .S85f Five lectures on economic problems; five lectures delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science on the invitation of the Senate of the University of London, 1
HB171 .S875 1984 The intellectual and the marketplace / 1
HB171 .S88 1953 A textbook of economic theory / 1
HB171 .S99 1987 Systems economics : concepts, models, and multidisciplinary perspectives / 1
HB171 .T2 Principles of economics. 1
HB171 .T2 6 Principles of economics, 1
HB171 .T2 1939 Principles of economics. 1
HB171 .T24 1955 Economics and liberalism. 1
HB171 .T26 2012 The instant economist : everything you need to know about how the economy works / 1
HB171 .T28 Ten economic studies in the tradition of Irving Fisher. 1
HB171 .T38 The economics of abundance; a non-inflationary future. 1
HB171 .T4 1922 The way out, economic, industrial, financial, 1
HB171 .T5 1942 Keynesian economics. 1
HB171 .T56 1985 Production, income, and welfare : the search for an optimal social order / 1
HB171 .T58 1920 Ten-minute talks with workers, from the Times (London) Trade supplement. 1
HB171 .T6 Asset accumulation and economic activity : reflections on contemporary macroeconomic theory / 1
HB171 .T63 1982 Essays in economics, theory and policy / 1