Call Number (LC) Title Results
HC244 .N4713 The New economic systems of Eastern Europe / 1
HC244 .N93 Socialist economics: selected readings; 1
HC244 .O65 1989 The Origins of backwardness in Eastern Europe : economics and politics from the Middle Ages until the early twentieth century / 1
HC244 .P32 1993 Patterns of economic restructuring for Eastern Europe / 1
HC244 .P8 1991 Democracy and the market : political and economic reforms in Eastern Europe and Latin America / 1
HC244 .P97 2018eb Globalization under and after socialism : the evolution of transnational capital in Central and Eastern Europe / 1
HC244 .R3757 1992eb Reform and transformation in Eastern Europe : Soviet-type economics on the threshold of change / 1
HC244 R58 2002eb Recharacterizing restructuring : Law, distribution and gender in market reform. 1
HC244 .S29 Comecon and the politics of integration. 1
HC244 .S62 Organizational alternatives in Soviet-type economies / 1
HC244 .S743 2002eb Lending credibility : the International Monetary Fund and the post-communist transition / 1
HC244 .S77 The state and economic development in Eastern Europe. 1
HC244 .S84 1995 Strategic choice and path-dependency in post-socialism : institutional dynamics in the transformation process / 1
HC244 .T437 2014eb Income support for the poorest : a review of experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia / 1
HC244 .T64546 2020 Austerities and aspirations : a comparative history of growth, consumption, and quality of life in East Central Europe since 1945 / 1
HC244.T698 The Transition in Eastern Europe, 2 : Restructuring. 1
HC244 .T6986 1991 The Transformation of Socialist economies : symposium, 1991 / 1
HC244.T6989 1994 HC244.T698 The Transition in Eastern Europe, 1 : Country Studies. 1
HC244.T69897 2002eb Transition--the first ten years : analysis and lessons for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union / 1
HC244 .T7 2001 Transition and growth in post-communist countries : the ten-year experience / 1