Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD2126.5 .B38 1989 Beyond the miracle of the market : the political economy of agrarian development in Kenya / 1
HD2129.5 .N6813 2010 Nourishing the land, nourishing the people : the story of one rural development project in the deep south of Madagascar that made a difference / 1
HD2130.R4 Y94 1964 Africans on the land; economic problems of African agricultural development in Southern, Central, and East Africa, with special reference to Southern Rhodesia. 1
HD2130.U5 K55 Inner dualism: an outcome of the center-periphery relationship during modernization processes in Uganda 1
HD2132.Z8 F47 1994 The anti-politics machine : "development," depoliticization, and bureaucratic power in Lesotho / 1
HD2133.5.Z8 C45 2013eb Agricultural input subsidies : the recent Malawi experience / 1
HD2133.5.Z8 S73 2005 Starter packs : a strategy to fight hunger in developing countries? : lessons from the Malawi experience 1998-2003 / 1
HD2134.5 .M58 2011eb La Mitidja 20 ans après : Réalités agricoles aux portes d'Alger / 1
HD2143 .A93 2009 Awakening Africa's sleeping giant : prospects for commercial agriculture in the Guinea Savannah zone and beyond. 1
HD2143.M67 Objects and Others : Essays on Museums and Material Culture. 1
HD2143.5 .S64 2012eb Politics, Agricultural Development, and Conflict Resolution : an In-Depth Analysis of the Moyen Bani Programme in Mali. 1
HD2143.5.Z8 K63 1998 Innovation and individuality in African development : changing production strategies in rural Mali / 1
HD2145.5.Z9I234 1997 An African Niche Economy 1
HD2146.G4 T73 2017 The trade trap / 1
HD2152 .D25 The northern myth; a study of the physical and economic limits to agricultural and pastoral development in tropical Australia 1
HD2195.5 Agricultural economics and food policy in New Zealand : an uneasy but successful collaboration between government and farmers / 1
HD2195.5.Z8 J64 2000 Reforming EU farm policy : lessons from New Zealand / 1
HD2196.5 .S55 2010eb From land to mouth : the agricultural "economy" of the Wola of the New Guinea highlands / 1
HD2321 Les révolutions industrielles, ou, La naissance du monde moderne : la métamorphose par le progrès /
The industrial revolution in world history /
The industrial revolution : the state, knowledge and global trade /
Family and business during the Industrial Revolution /
HD2321-4730.9 Modern Management in the Global Mining Industry 1