Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD3616.U5 S38 1979 Public policies toward business / 1
HD3616.U5 S6 1958 Government and business; a study in economic evolution. 1
HD3616.U5 S63 Governmental promotion and regulation of business 1
HD3616.U5 S68 The political authority and the market system 1
HD3616.U5 S8 1940 Public control of business, 1
HD3616.U5 +U5 The National recovery administration. Message from the President of the United States transmitting a report on the operation of the National recovery administration, which has been prepared by those members of the Committee of industrial analysis who have no official relationship to the government. 1
HD3616.U5 U5 1933 Government competition with private enterprise. Report of the Special committee appointed to investigate government competition with private enterprise, House of representatives, pursuant to H. Res. 235, a resolution creating a Special committee to investigate government competition with private enterprise. 1
HD3616.U5 V53 1994 Contrived competition : regulation and deregulation in America / 1
HD3616.U5 W355 1985 The politics of industrial change / 1
HD3616.U5 W428 Business, government, and the public / 1
HD3616.U5 W43 Government-mandated price increases; a neglected aspect of inflation. 1
HD3616.U51 I48 Instead of regulation : alternatives to federal regulatory agencies / 1
HD3616.U51 L44 1986 Who profits : winners, losers, and government regulation / 1
HD3616.U58 S63 Business, government, and public policy 1
HD3616.U6 T352 2009eb Contagion : the financial epidemic that is sweeping the global economy-- and how to protect yourself from it / 1
HD3625 .R6 1938 The economics of imperfect competition. 1
HD3625 .U5 1941 Control of unfair competitive practices through trade practice conference procedure of the Federal Trade Commission ... 1
HD3625.5 .L3 1952 The group basis of politics; a study in basing-point legislation. 1
HD3629 Guild-ridden labor markets : the curious case of occupational licensing / 1
HD3629 .H35 2012 Performance-Based Certification : How to Design a Valid, Defensible, Cost-Effective Program. 1