Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD7333.A3 C6 Utopia on trial : vision and reality in planned housing / 1
HD7333.A3 C8 1998eb Housing needs and planning policy : a restatement of the problems of housing need and "overspill" in England and Wales / 1
HD7333.A3 E67 2022 The working class at home, 1790-1940 / 1
HD7333.A3 H63 2019eb Safe as houses : private greed, political negligence and housing policy after Grenfell / 1
HD7333.A3 .R357 2019 Raising the Roof : How to Solve the United Kingdom's Housing Crisis. 1
HD7333.A3 S72 1999eb Stakeholder housing : a third way / 1
HD7333.A3 Y68 1999eb Young people, housing, and social policy / 1
HD7333 .C96 Housing and local government in England and Wales, 1
HD7333 .K56 2010eb Housing policy transformed : the right to buy and the desire to own / 1
HD7333.L8 H64 Homes of the London poor 1
HD7333 Mcd 2010eb Governing independence and expertise : the business of housing associations / 1
HD7334.A3 A contrived countryside : the governance of rural housing in England 1900-74 / 1
HD7334.A3 G26 Cruel habitations; a history of working-class housing, 1780-1918. 1
HD7334.A3 .G734 2020 Wholesome Dwellings 1
HD7334.L6 B47 2013eb Olympic housing : a critical review of London 2012's legacy / 1
HD7334.O9 M87 1965 The sociology of housing: studies at Berinsfield, 1
HD7336.A3 Dublin, 1950-1970 : houses, flats and high-rise / 1
HD7337.3.A3 L894 2009eb Housing policy and housing finance in the Czech Republic during transition : an example of the schism between the still-living past and the need of reform / 1
HD7337.5.A3 Contemporary housing struggles : a structural field of contention approach / 1
HD7337.5.A3 K45 1981 Do it yourself : Hungary's hidden economy / 1