Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD9698.U5 H61 A history of the United States Atomic Energy Commission 1
HD9698.U5 M9 1960 Nuclear policy for war and peace. 1
HD9698.U5 M93 1977 The nuclear power debate : moral, economic, technical, and political issues / 1
HD9698.U5 R47 1953ev Rep. W. Sterling Cole (R-NY). 1
HD9698.U5 U5 1952 Atomic power and private enterprise. 1
HD9698.U5 U5L Licensing and regulation of nuclear reactors. Hearings, Ninetieth Congress, first session. 1
HD9698.U5 U5n Nuclear power economics, 1962 through 1967, report. 1
HD9698.U52 C37 2017 Keeping the Lights on at America's Nuclear Power Plants. 1
HD9698.U52 C592 1990 The nuclear energy option : an alternative for the 90s / 1
HD9698.U52 E3 The Economic viability of nuclear energy : a seminar for members of congress and their staffs / 1
HD9698.U52 H25 2021eb The wretched atom : America's global gamble with peaceful nuclear technology / 1
HD9698.U52 M3195 2015eb The price of nuclear power : uranium communities and environmental justice / 1
HD 9698 U52 + N835 1984 Nuclear power in an age of uncertainty. 1
HD9698.U52 P74 1982 The antinuclear movement / 1
HD9698.U52 S43 1993 The Atomic Energy Commission under Nixon : adjusting to troubled times / 1
HD 9698 U52 + U55 1980 Nuclear fuel reprocessing and the problems of safeguarding against the spread of nuclear weapons : report to the Congress / 1
HD9698.U52 V46 Public investment planning in civilian nuclear power 1
HD9698 .U58 United States Atomic Energy Commission. Letter ... transmitting ... report ... 1
HD9698 .U581 1957 Statute of the International Atomic Energy Agency. 1
HD9698.5 .I501 no.97 Management of project risks in decommissioning / 1