Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD9710.A2 .B355 2021 The Road Foward More Conversations with Top Women in the Automotive Industry. 1
HD9710.A2 C27 2007 Zoom : the global race to fuel the car of the future / 1
HD9710.A2 F87 1986eb The Future of the automobile : the report of MIT's International Automobile Program / 1
HD9710.A2 H65 2004eb The second century : reconnecting customer and value chain through build-to-order : moving beyond mass and lean production in the auto industry / 1
HD9710.A2I493 2013 Integrated Vehicle Health Management - Business Case Theory and Practice. 1
HD9710.A2 I584 2011eb The automobile and the environment : International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering CONAT 2010 / 1
HD9710.A2 M383 2013 The Multinational Motor Industry. 1
HD9710.A2 N49 2020eb New frontiers of the automobile industry : exploring geographies, technology, and institutional challenges / 1
HD9710.A2 .R457 2014 Ein Referenzmodell für die Serienentwicklung mechatronischer Systeme in der Automobilindustrie. 1
HD9710.A2 S656 2017eb A Profile of the Global Auto Industry : Innovation and Dynamics. 1
HD9710.A2 S78 2023 Advances in automotive production technology -- towards software-defined manufacturing and resilient supply chains : Stuttgart Conference on Automotive Production (SCAP2022) / 1
HD9710.A2 T55 2015 The great race : the global quest for the car of the future / 1
HD9710.A2 T73 1986 Qualitative choice analysis : theory, econometrics, and an application to automobile demand / 1
HD9710.A2 .W337 2012 Dynamic Capabilities, Die Ressourcenbasis und Die Veränderung in Unternehmen : Auswirkungen der Elektromobilität Auf Die Deutsche Automobilindustrie Bis Ins Jahr 2020. 1
HD9710.A2 W47 2000eb Organisational learning in the automotive sector / 1
HD9710.A2 W55 2022 Doing the hard work : insights from women leading the commercial vehicle industry / 1
HD9710.A2 W56 2011 Motoring the Future : Volkswagen and Toyota Vying for Pole Position. 1
HD9710.A2 W65 1990 The machine that changed the world : based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5-million dollar 5-year study on the future of the automobile / 1
HD9710.A7852 A23 2003eb Developmentalism and dependency in Southeast Asia : the case of the automotive industry / 1
HD9710.B47 The Bhutan electric vehicle initiative : scenarios, implications and economic impact / 1