Call Number (LC) Title Results
HE368.7 . P83 2010eb Public private partnerships : success and failure factors for in-transition countries / 1
HE369 .A5 Planning for city traffic. 1
HE369 .L58 2021 Mobility data-driven urban traffic monitoring / 1
HE 371 A2 + M37 A Joint Highway Research Project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 1
HE371 .A5 1958 Highway safety and traffic control. 1
HE371.M4 G22 Traffic and the police; variations in law-enforcement policy 1
HE373.C6 Quantitative research on street interface morphology comparison between Chinese and Western cities / 1
HE375 +A4 1957 Covered bridges of the Northeast. 1
HE376.S4 Bridges of Seattle 1
HE377.G73 H37 2007eb The bridges of medieval England : transport and society, 400-1800 / 1
HE385 .S25 2009 The World Bank Policy for Projects on International Waterways : an Historical and Legal Analysis. 1
HE385 .S25 2009eb The World Bank policy for projects on international waterways : an historical and legal analysis / 1
HE393.5.M4 M4 Annual report. 1
HE394.C7 T32 War for the Colorado River. 1
HE 395 A12 + B33 Canals and railroads of the Mid-Atlantic states, 1800-1860 / 1
HE395.A3 B68 1992 Floating west : the Erie and other American canals / 1
HE395.A3 G6 1972 Canals and American economic development, 1
HE395.O34 S34 2012eb Ohio canal era : a case study of government and the economy, 1820-1861 / 1
HE395 .W1 1958 The long haul west; the great canal era, 1817-1850. 1
HE396.C2 F37 The Cape Cod Canal / 1