Call Number (LC) Title Results
HF 1229 + I6 1945 Latin American commercial law in United States cases 1
HF1235 .P4 Commercial law cases, 1
HF1237 .S9 American business law with legal forms / 1
HF1237 .W5 The essentials of commercial law, 1
HF1239 .B6p Putnam's handy law book for the layman, 1
HF1239 .C7 Business law; a working manual of every-day law. 1
HF1249 .S8 1832 Commentaries on the law of bailments, with illustrations from the civil and the foreign law. 1
HF1253 .L2 A summary of the law of contracts. 1
HF1259 .C5 A treatise on the law of bills of exchange : checks on bankers, promissory notes, bankers' cash notes, and bank notes. / 1
HF1351 .R377 2003eb Remaking the global economy : economic-geographical perspectives / 1
HF1352.A25 2004eb About Globalisation : Views on the Trajectory of Mondialisation: Based on the IES Lectures Series Spring 2003. 1
HF1352 .A373 2015e Advances on international economics / 1
HF1352 .K467 2013 Guerre et économie 1
HF1352.R44 1999eb Regionalism, Multilateralism and the Politics of Global Trade. 1
HF1352 .S684 1998 The second Southern Africa International Dialogue on Smart Partnership. 1
HF1352 .V66 1992 Economic summit declarations, 1975-1989 : examining the written record of international cooperation / 1
HF1359 International Economics.
George Soros on globalization /
The art of economic persuasion : positive incentives and German economic diplomacy /
Le modèle Mundell-Fleming : au cœur de la macroéconomie internationale /
The G-20 summit at five : time for strategic leadership /
The committee to destroy the world : inside the plot to unleash a super crash on the global economy /
Globalisation and the Wealth of Nations.
The Challenge Of Hegemony : Grand Strategy, Trade, And Domestic Politics.
Globalization for Development : Trade, Finance, Aid, Migration, and Policy (Revised Edition).
Global Development Horizons 2011 : Multipolarity - The New Global Economy.
The Ageing Societies of Central and Eastern Europe : Some Problems - Some Solutions.
Strengthening Competitiveness In Bangladesh--Thematic Assessment: A Diagnostic Trade Integration Study.
THEORY OF WAR AND PEACE : the geophilosophy of europe.
Globalization and its enemies /
Shaping a New International Financial System : Challenges of Governance in a Globalizing World.
Another World is Possible : Popular Alternatives to Globalization at the World Social Forum /
International political economy /
The Kyrgyz Republic.
Analytical gains of geopolitical economy /
Why international cooperation is failing : how the clash of capitalisms undermines the regulation of finance /
New nationalisms and China's Belt and Road Initiative : exploring the transnational public domain /
The Oxford handbook of institutions of international economic governance and market regulation /
The great demographic reversal : ageing societies, waning inequality, and an inflation revival /
Exiting the global economic superhighway : a renaissance of humanity /
HF1359 .A234 2021 Accelerating Research on the Contemporary Global Crisis 1
HF1359 .A243 2022 International economics : an introduction to theory and policy / 1
HF1359 .A38 2012eb After the fall : the future of global cooperation / 1