Call Number (LC) Title Results
HF3520.E95 K68 1995 Local markets and regional trade in medieval Exeter / 1
HF3520.L48 W75 Gentlemen merchants: the merchant community in Leeds, 1700-1830 1
HF3520.L5 M55 2000eb Trade and traders in mid-Victorian Liverpool : mercantile business and the making of a world port / 1
HF3520.L65 G38 2001eb The politics of trade : the overseas merchant in state and society, 1660-1720 / 1
HF3520.L65 H36 1997 Citizens of the world : London merchants and the integration of the British Atlantic community, 1735-1785 / 1
HF3520.L65 H84 1998 Family, commerce and religion in London and Cologne : Anglo-German emigrants, c. 1000-c. 1300 / 1
HF3539 .S5 Observations on the manufactures, trade and present state of Ireland. 1
HF3540.A1 K26 Commercial relations between British overseas territories and South America, 1806-1914: an introductory essay, 1
HF3545 .H2 Habsburgischer Osthandel im 18. Jahrhundert; Österreich und Neurussland (II): Donauhandel und -schiffahrt 1781-1787. 1
HF3550.3.Z5 F67 2018eb Achieving quality and sustainability in the Czech business environment / 1
HF3554.5.M55 K96 Ernest Mercier; French technocrat, 1
HF3555 The death of the French Atlantic : trade, war, and slavery in the age of revolution / 1
HF3556 La boutique du marchand de nouveautés : les boutiques de Paris / 1
HF3558.G96 S3 1961 La politique et le commerce français dans le golfe de Guinée, de 1838 à 1871. 1
HF3558.W5 M6 1977 Colbert's West India policy / 1
HF3560.M3 T35 2011 Between crown and commerce : Marseille and the early modern Mediterranean / 1
HF3560.R8 B78 1991 The New World merchants of Rouen, 1559-1630 / 1
HF3564 .L2 Geschichte des deutschen handels, 1
HF3564 .S37 1950 Deutschland und Übersee; der deutsche Handel mit den anderen Kontinenten, insbesondere Afrika, 1
HF 3565 + S8 Der kaufmann in der deutschen vergangenheit. 1