Call Number (LC) Title Results
HF5627 .C27 The CPA plans for the future, 1
HF5627 .C5 1933 Duties of the junior accountant. 1
HF5627 +I59 How to build a more lucrative accounting practice, 1
HF5627 .O61 Public accounting in transition; American sharewoners and key publics view the role of independent accountants and the corporate reporting controversy: 1
HF5627 .R84 Improving your accounting practice 1
HF5627 .T5 1932 Duties of the senior accountant. 1
HF5629 .A54 Behind the figures; 1
HF5629 .B8 Contemporary accounting and its environment 1
HF5629 .C2 1946 Professional ethics of public accounting, 1
HF5629 .C36 In pursuit of professional goals; selected addresses and articles, 1960-1972, 1
HF5629 .C44 Accounting, finance and management 1
HF5629 .E2 1961 Contributions of four accounting pioneers: Kohler, Littleton, May, Paton; digests of periodical writings 1
HF5629 .M4 1936 Twenty-five years of accounting responsibility, 1911-1936; essays and discussions, 1
HF5629 .M81 Significant accounting essays. 1
HF5629 .R88 Horizons for a profession: the common body of knowledge for certified public accountants, 1
HF5629 .W55 The accounting professional : ethics, responsibility, and liability / 1
HF5630 .A33 1998 The accounting education change commission grant experience : a summary / 1
HF5630 .F735 1995 Intentional learning : a process for learning to learn in the accounting curriculum / 1
HF5630 .G337 1995 Assessment for the new curriculum : a guide for professional accounting programs / 1
HF5630 .J53 Journal of accounting education. 1