Call Number (LC) Title Results
HN39.G3 S5 German Protestants face the social question. 1
HN39.G3 Z5413 2014 Encounters with modernity : the Catholic Church in West Germany, 1945-1975 / 1
HN39.G7 Churches and social issues in twentieth-century Britain / 1
HN39.G7 C62 1961 Catholic social action in Britain, 1909-1959 : a history of the Catholic Social Guild / 1
HN39.I4 O32 Social protest in India : British Protestant missionaries and social reforms, 1850-1900 / 1
HN39.I5 Y339 2002 Iman, agama dan masyarakat dalam negara Pancasila / 1
HN39.I6 B2 1962 The Northern Ireland problem, a study in group relations, 1
HN39.I6 B2 1972 The Northern Ireland problem: a study in group relations, 1
HN39.L3 C75 Conscientization for liberation. 1
HN39.L3 G8413 1983 The power of the poor in history : selected writings / 1
HN39.N5 M38 1985 Solidarity with the people of Nicaragua / 1
HN39.S36 M23 2006eb Land, faith and the crofting community : christianity and social criticism in the Highlands of Scotland, 1843-1893 / 1
HN39.U5 C85 1965 Church and state in social welfare 1
HN39.U5 F98 The Christian and social action 1
HN39.U6 B37 Crucial problems in Christian perspective, 1
HN39.U6 B4 A punishment for peace. 1
HN39.U6 C5 1933 The Protestant churches and the industrial crisis, 1
HN39.U6 C56 1993 A passion for the possible : a message to U.S. churches / 1
HN39.U6 D47 1984 The response in American Catholic periodicals to the crises of the Great Depression, 1930-1935 / 1
HN39.U6 E38 Churches in cultural captivity; a history of the social attitudes of Southern Baptists. 1