Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ1155 .P66 2010eb Poor women in rich countries : the feminization of poverty over the life course / 1
HQ1155 .R687 2018 The rise of neoliberal feminism / 1
HQ1155 .R688 2019 The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Feminism. 1
HQ1155 .S65 2018 Pop-feminist narratives : the female subject under neoliberalism in North America, Britain, and Germany / 1
HQ1155 .S665 2014 Men explain things to me / 1
HQ1155 .S665 2014eb Men explain things to me / 1
HQ1155 .S86 2012eb Standing in the intersection : feminist voices, feminist practices in communication studies / 1
HQ1155 .T55 2015 This is what a feminist slut looks like : perspectives on the slutwalk movement / 1
HQ1155 .T736 2016 Transatlantic Conversations : Feminism as Travelling Theory. 1
HQ1155 .V56 2017 A New Dawn for the Second Sex / 1
HQ1155 .W66 2022eb Women negotiating feminism and science fiction fandom the case of the "good" fan / 1
HQ1155 .W6775 2019 Women's journey to empowerment in the 21st century : a transnational feminist analysis of women's lives in modern times / 1
HQ1155 .W686 2010 Women's movements in the global era : the power of local feminisms / 1
HQ1161 Living on the land : Indigenous women's understanding of place /
Women of color and social media multitasking : blogs, timelines, feeds, and community /
Co-whites : how and why white women "betrayed" the struggle for racial equality in the United States /
Understanding Indigenous gender relations and violence : becoming gender AWAke /
HQ1161 +B36 2004 Gender, minorities and indigenous peoples / 1
HQ1161 .B43 2009eb Behind the mask of the strong black woman : voice and the embodiment of a costly performance / 1
HQ1161 .B48 2012eb But don't call me white : mixed race women exposing nuances of privilege and oppression politics / 1
HQ1161 .C65 2002 Colonize this! : young women of color on today's feminism / 1
HQ1161 .C763 2004 Crossing borders : re-mapping women's movements at the turn of the 21st century / 1
HQ1161 .F37 2017 Remaking Black power : how Black women transformed an era / 1