Call Number (LC) Title Results
HS3313 .M25 1983 Building character in the American boy : the Boy Scouts, YMCA, and their forerunners, 1870-1920 / 1
HS3313 .M43 2001 On my honor : Boy Scouts and the making of American youth / 1
HS3316.P7 H3 1983 Harcerki, 1939-1945 / 1
HS3353.C3 The Camp Fire Girls : Gender, Race, and American Girlhood, 1910-1980 / 1
HS3359 .M55 2007eb Growing girls : the natural origins of girls' organizations in America / 1
HS3360.C2 W4 2020 We are the Radical Monarchs / 1
HS3360.H3 Under their wings : a daring adventure mentoring girls / 1
HT Discipline and development : middle classes and prosperity in east asia and latin america.
Open design, a stakeholder-oriented approach in architecture, urban planning.
Better not bigger : how to take control of urban growth and improve your community.
HT37 .R69 Nations and cities; a comparison of strategies for urban growth. 1
HT51-1595 Inequality, Crime, and Health among African American Males : Enduring Social Costs of Racial Inequality.
Race, identity and work /
HT65 Human settlements : urbanization, smart sector development, and future outlook / 1
HT65 .B44 1971b Community studies; an introduction to the sociology of the local community 1
HT65 .B446 2020 Before/after 1
HT65 .B46 The sociology of community; a selection of readings. 1
HT65 .B51 The sociology of community 1
HT65 .B7 Toward a new humanism : some value perspectives in emerging cultural relations / 1
HT65 .C57 2012 Cities in a Globalizing World : Global Report on Human Settlements. 1
HT65 +C64 Community : references from selected sociology and other social science journals / 1
HT65 .F477 2015eb Journeys into the Rainforest : Archaeology of Culture Change and Continuity on the Evelyn Tableland, North Queensland. 1
HT65 .F87 The community; a comparative perspective. 1