Call Number (LC) Title Results
HT169.J32 O83413 2021 Why place matters : a sociological study of the historic preservation movement in Otaru, Japan, 1965-2017 / 1
HT169.J32 T645 2011eb Roppongi crossing : the demise of a Tokyo nightclub district and the reshaping of a global city / 1
HT169.L29 M37 2017 Marginal urbanisms : informal and formal development in cities of Latin America / 1
HT169.L3 H68 2015 Housing and belonging in Latin America / 1
HT169.L3 P53 2010 Planning Latin America's capital cities, 1850-1950 / 1
HT169.L3 S66 2013 Implementing value capture in Latin America : policies and tools for urban development / 1
HT169.L42 B482 2010eb Reconstructing Beirut : memory and space in a postwar Arab city / 1
HT169.L42 S52 2006eb Workshop Liban : Saïda en projets de paysage / 1
HT169.M4 K56 2021 Creative city as an urban development strategy : the case of selected Malaysian cities / 1
HT169.M42 +P846 1996 Modelos de análisis y de planificación urbana : estudios sobre la evolución y tendencias de la ciudad de Puebla / 1
HT169.M42 Q476 2007eb Space and place in the Mexican landscape : the evolution of a colonial city / 1
HT169.M628 P58 2004eb Planning Middle Eastern cities : an urban kaleidoscope in a globalizing world / 1
HT169.M652 M455 2010eb Managing urban expansion in Mongolia : best practices in scenario-based urban planning / 1
HT169.N4 ǂb R54 2008eb Improving Institutions for Green Landscapes in Metropolitan Areas : Improving Institutions for Green Landscapes in Metropolitan Areas. 1
HT169.N4.S63 2001eb Power and the City in the Netherlandic World. 1
HT169.N6 +G73 Urbanization in Nigeria: a planning commentary / 1
HT169.N68 Infrastructure of Play : Building the Tourist City. 1
HT169.P28 P37 2007 Past matters : heritage and planning history : case studies from the Pacific Rim / 1
HT169.P32 Transforming Karachi into a livable and competitive megacity : a city diagnostic and transformation strategy / 1
HT169.P33E4 2006 HT169.P33E4 2006eb HT169.P33E4 2003 Mandated Landscape : British Imperial Rule in Palestine 1929-1948. 1