Call Number (LC) Title Results
HV6691 .W455 2018 International Fraud Handbook : Prevention and Detection. 1
HV6692 .A46 2021 Trust me : the Waleed Ahmed story / 1
HV6692.G496 A3 2018 The king of con : how a smooth-talking Jersey boy made and lost billions, baffled the FBI, eluded the Mob, and lived to tell the crooked tale / 1
HV6692.M33 H46 2011 The wizard of lies : Bernie Madoff and the death of trust / 1
HV6692.P66 Z83 2005 Ponzi's scheme : the true story of a financial legend / 1
HV6692.W57 R97 2008eb The sorcerer's tale : faith and fraud in Tudor England / 1
HV6695 .G585 2009eb Anti-fraud risk and control workbook / 1
HV6695 .P455 2018 Cousu de fil noir : De Brigitte Bardot à Christophe Rocancourt. 1
HV6697 .M37 2010eb No one would listen : a true financial thriller / 1
HV6698.W47 Hornswogglers, fourflushers, & snake-oil salesmen : true tales of the old west's sleaziest swindlers / 1
HV6698.Z9 E653 The great Wall Street scandal 1
HV6698.Z9 E654 The Equity Funding papers : anatomy of a fraud / 1
HV6698.Z9 H655 Stealing from the rich : the Home-Stake oil swindle / 1
HV6698.Z9 M874 Anatomy of a scam: a case study of a planned bankru[p]tcy by organized crime, 1
HV6699.A8 Kings of Stings 1
HV6700 .D54 2019 Modernist fraud : hoax, parody, deception / 1
HV6700 .K6 1955 Grand deception: the world's most spectacular and successful hoaxs, impostures, ruses, and frauds. 1
HV6700 .K6d 1958 The double dealers; adventures in grand deception. 1
HV6705 .B8 1927 Anthony Comstock, roundsman of the Lord. 1
HV6705 .C83 Traps for the young / 1