Call Number (LC) Title Results
HX536 .M39 Marxism and Christianity; a symposium. 1
HX536 .M395 1987 Marxism and religion : a description and assessment of the Marxist critique of Christianity / 1
HX536 .M6 The characteristics and the religion of modern socialism / 1
HX536 .M6 2 The characteristics and the religion of modern socialism / 1
HX536 .M6513 1980 Marx against the Marxists : the Christian humanism of Karl Marx / 1
HX536 .M7 Varieties of Christian-Marxist dialogue / 1
HX536 .N2 1953 The red and the black; the church in the communist state. 1
HX536 .N85 God, Marx, and the future; dialogue with Roger Garaudy. 1
HX536 .O28 The Christian Marxist dialogue: an international symposium. 1
HX536 .R437 1975 Religion and atheism in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe / 1
HX536 .S6 Socialism and Catholicism. 1
HX536 .S7 The spiritual significance of modern socialism, 1
HX536 .T84 1983 Marxism and Christianity / 1
HX536 .V3 Socialism from the Christian standpoint; ten conferences, 1
HX536 .V4 Socialism and the ethics of Jesus, 1
HX536 .V74 On synthesizing Marxism and Christianity / 1
HX536 .W357 2018eb The gavel and sickle : the supreme court, cultural Marxism, and the assault on Christianity / 1
HX536 .W77 1980 Religion and communist society : selected papers from the Second World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies / 1
HX541 Stalin and the Soviet science wars / 1
HX541 .G736 Reason in Revolt : Dialectical Philosophy and Modern Science. 2