Call Number (LC) Title Results
HX86 .S7 Socialism and Christianity. 1
HX86 .S7 1905 Socialism and Christianity. 1
HX86 .S73 Socialism: a summary and interpretation of socialist principles, 1
HX86 .S8 1936 The theory and practice of socialism ... 1
HX86 .T4 America's way out: a program for democracy. 1
HX86 .W2 The larger aspects of socialism, 1
HX86 .W63 Teachers of destruction : their plans for a socialist revolution, an eyewitness account / 1
HX86 .Y61 Utopia and reality; a collective portrait of American socialists. 1
HX87 .A4 1957 The ideological fallacies of communism. 1
HX87 .B32 1964 The law, 1
HX89 .A4 1950c Hearings on legislation to outlaw certain un-American and subversive activities. Hearings before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, second session, on H. R. 3903 and H.R. 7595. 1
HX89 .A44 1947-53 Investigation of un-American propaganda activities in the United States. (regarding Leon Josephson and Samuel Liptzen) Hearings 1
HX89 .A44 1954 Communist methods of infiltration (entertainment) Hearing 1
HX89 .A44 1956-58 Investigation of Communist propaganda in the United States. Hearing 1
HX89 .A44e Executive hearings, 1939-1943 / 1
HX89 .A442 [Selected hearings and reports, June 11, 1951 to Sept. 17, 1954] 1
HX89 .A448 Subversion and espionage in defense establishments and industry. 1
HX89 .A5 1942 The attitude of the American leftist leaders toward the Russian revolution (1917-1923) 1
HX89 .A78 1951ev Arthur Garfield Hayes. 1
HX89 .B53 1951 Out of bondage, the story of Elizabeth Bentley. 1