Call Number (LC) Title Results
JA1-92 P Legal Intermediation : a Processual Approach to Law and Economic Activity. 1
JA1 .A73 Annual review of political science. 1
JA1 .B39 Political elites; a select computerized bibliography 1
JA1 .B58 A Bibliography for students of politics. 1
JA1 .M61 Political science, 1950-1958 / 1
JA1 .N27 A bibliography of public administration. 1
JA1 .P585 Political power and social theory. 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 1 Political philosophy and theory : including distributive justice and history of political theory / 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 2 Conduct of political inquiry : including formal logics and political arguments, research technique, theory construction, quantitative methods, and biological, sociological and psychological approaches to politics / 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 3-4 American politics / 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 5 Theories of international relations : including science and technology in international affairs, current issues, nationalism & imperialism / 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 6 Foreign policy, international law, and the politics of international security : including Soviet and American foreign policy, defense policy, arms control and evaluating nuclear strategy. 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 7 Comparative politics : including comparative communism and totalitarianism, political participation and electoral behavior, politics of ethnicity, immigration and cultural pluralism. 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 8 Area studies in comparative politics : including Africa, Western Europe, Latin America, Canada, China & Japan. 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 9 Political economy : including the politics of regulation & international political economy / 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 10 Political economy of development : including political development, problems of transitional societies, multinational corporations, & underdevelopment / 1
JA1 .P6 vol. 11 Public policy and policy analysis : including politics of the environment and media. 1
JA1 .P76 vol.40 Prospects for democracy / 1
JA 1 +P9 v. 44 Mar. 1984 Citizenship and public administration : proceedings of the National Conference on Citizenship and Public Service, April 14-16, 1983, New York City / 1
JA1 +P9 v. 45 Jan. 1985 Emergency management : a challenge for public administration / 1