Call Number (LC) Title Results
JF31 .C3 European constitutional history; or, The origin and development of the governments of modern Europe, from the fall of the western Roman empire to the close of the nineteenth century. 1
JF31 .M1 1940 Constitutionalism, ancient and modern, 1
JF31 .M1 1947 Constitutionalism, ancient and modern. 1
JF31 .M39 Political decision-makers. 1
JF31 .M4 1954 The social background of political decision-makers. 1
JF31 .S313 1962 The state and society in our times; studies in the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 1
JF31 .S73 1989 States in history / 1
JF37 +C65 Comparative politics. 1
JF37 .P7 Political handbook of the world. 1
JF51 .A21 Foreign governments and their backgrounds, 1
JF51 .A45 Comparative politics: a developmental approach 1
JF51 .A45 1978 Comparative politics : system, process, and policy / 1
JF51 .A584 2003 Altered states : international relations, domestic politics, and institutional change / 1
JF51 .B53 1981 Comparative politics : the quest for theory / 1
JF51 .B713 Documents on major European governments, 1
JF51 .B717 1968 Political patterns in today's world 1
JF51 .B9 1947 The governments of foreign powers 1
JF51 .C3 1961 Government and politics in the twentieth century, 1
JF51 .C32 1962 Major foreign powers. 1
JF51 .C615 1990 Comparative politics : notes and readings / 1