Call Number (LC) Title Results
JC605 .S35 1997 To have and to hold : the meaning of ownership in the United States / 1
JC605 .S46 1997 The political institution of private property / 1
JC605 .V65 1999 Whose property? : the deepening conflict between private property and democracy in Canada / 1
JC605 .W36 1990 The right to private property / 1
JC607 .A1 1961 The right of assembly and association. 1
JC607 .F32 1963 The constitutional right of association. 1
JC607 .S6 1954 A dangerous freedom. 1
JC5744 .H39 2011 Hayek, Mill, and the liberal tradition / 1
Jesuitana DVD The Father Kino story
Pedro Arrupe his life and legacy /
Jesuitana Video The service of faith and the promotion of justice in American Jesuit higher education
Shared vision Jesuit spirit in education /
JF Party funding and campaign financing in international perspective /
Hoe mensen keuzes maken : De psychologie van het beslissen.
Political Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Britain.
Scientists and Human Rights in Guatemala : Report of a Delegation.
Policy Transfer and Learning in Public Policy and Management : International Contexts, Content and Development.
JF11 .C5 1948 The constitutions of the Americas (as of January 1, 1948) / 1
JF11 .H6 Liberty documents, with contemporary exposition and critical comments drawn from various writers, 1
JF11 .M1 The new constitutions of Europe, 1
JF11 .S77 1992 Structuring politics : historical institutionalism in comparative analysis / 1
JF31 .A4 1922 The evolution of governments and laws, exhibiting the governmental structures of ancient and modern states, their growth and decay and the leading principles of their laws, 1
JF31 .A45 1960 The politics of the developing areas. 1
JF31 .A54 Issues of political development 1
JF31 .C3 European constitutional history; or, The origin and development of the governments of modern Europe, from the fall of the western Roman empire to the close of the nineteenth century. 1
JF31 .M1 1940 Constitutionalism, ancient and modern, 1