Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK146 .B3 1935 An economic interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, 1
JK146.B3 B8 1956 Charles Beard and the Constitution, a critical analysis of "An economic interpretation of the Constitution." 1
JK146 .B78 Miracle at Philadelphia : the story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September, 1787 / 1
JK146 .F2 The framing of the Constitution of the United States, 1
JK146 .L4 1962 An Additional number of letters from the Federal farmer to the Republican, leading to a fair examination of the system of government, proposed by the late Convention; to several essential and necessary alterations in it; and calculated to illustrate and support the principles and positions laid down in the preceding letters. Together with Oberservations on the new Constitution, and on the Federal and State Conventions by a Columbian patriot. 1
JK146 .L46 1978 Letters from the Federal farmer to the Republican / 1
JK146 .M1 1958 We the people : the economic origins of the Constitution / 1
JK146 .R83 1966 1787: the grand Convention 1
JK146 .S37 1964 The ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of rights. 1
JK146 .S6 1958 The Federal Convention and the formation of the Union of the American States. 1
JK146 .S64 The Convention and the Constitution; the political ideas of the Founding Fathers 1
JK146 .W7 1937 Our Constitution and its makers. 1
JK148 .A48 1990 The selling of the Constitutional Convention : a history of news coverage / 1
JK148 .B9 1941 Constitutional chaff. Rejected suggestions of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, with explanatory argument. 1
JK148.P6 N9 The mystery of the Pinckney draught, 1
JK148 .R89 Liberty and power in the making of the Constitution 1
JK154 The Federalist / 1
JK154 1802 The Federalist, on the new constitution / 1
JK154 1864 The Federalist : a commentary on the constitution of the United States : a collection of essays / by Alexander Hamilton, [et al.] and the Continentalist and other papers / by Hamilton/ 1
JK154 1864a The Federalist: a collection of essays written in favor of the new constitution as agreed upon by the Fedral convention, September 17, 1787. Reprinted from the original text 1