Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK169 14th 1956 The framing of the Fourteenth amendment. 1
JK169 14th 1957 Concurring opinion; the privileges or immunities clause of the Fourteenth amendment. 1
JK169 15th 1909 Legislative and judicial history of the Fifteenth amendment 1
JK169 15th 1965 The right to vote: politics and the passage of the fifteenth amendment. 1
JK169 18th 1930 Is amendment eighteen treason? 1
JK171.A1 B3 Economic origins of Jeffersonian democracy. 1
JK171.A1 B3 1949 Economic origins of Jeffersonian democracy. 1
JK171 .A2 A defence of the constitutions of government of the United States of America, against the attack of M. Turgot in his letter to Dr. Price, dated the twenty-second day of March, 1778 / 1
JK171.A2 W2 The political science of John Adams; a study in the theory of mixed government and the bicameral system, 1
JK171 .C1 1944 The administration theories of Hamilton & Jefferson; their contribution to thought on public administration, 1
JK171 .C68 2011eb Tom Paine's America : the rise and fall of transatlantic radicalism in the early republic / 1
JK171 .M26 1993 The key of liberty : the life and democratic writings of William Manning, "a laborer," 1747-1814 / 1
JK171 .W5 1948 The Federalists; a study in administrative history. 1
JK171 .Z39 2007eb The age of strict construction : a history of the growth of federal power, 1789-1861 / 1
JK176 1969 The Kentucky resolutions of 1798; an historical study. 1
JK176 1970 The Virginia report of 1799-1800, touching the alien and sedition laws; together with the Virginia resolutions of December 21, 1798, including the debate and proceedings thereon in the House of Delegates of Virginia and other documents illustrative of the report and resolutions. 1
JK180 .C86 The process of government under Jefferson / 1
JK180 .W5 1951 The Jeffersonians; a study in administrative history, 1801-1829. 1
JK181 .T2 1950 An inquiry into the principles and policy of the government of the United States. 1
JK211 .R2 1829 A view of the Constitution of the United States of America / 1