Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK1929.A2 L6 Race, class & party; a history of Negro suffrage and white politics in the South. 1
JK1929.A2 P47 2001eb Struggle for mastery : disfranchisement in the South, 1888-1908 / 1
JK1929.A2 P76 Political participation; a study of the participation by Negroes in the electoral and political processes in 10 Southern States since passage of the Voting rights act of 1965. 1
JK1929.A2 Q54 1994 Quiet revolution in the South : the impact of the Voting rights act, 1965-1990 / 1
JK1929.A2 W34 Climbing Jacob's ladder; the arrival of Negroes in Southern politics 1
JK1929 .G73 2004 Ghosts of Florida : making elections fair for blacks / 1
JK1929.M67 U58 Voting in Mississippi; a report. 1
JK1929.M7 Count them one by one : Black Mississippians fighting for the right to vote / 1
JK1929.N8 Making race, making power : North Carolina's road to disfranchisement / 1
JK1929.P4 F69 1838 Opinion of the Hon. John Fox, president judge of the judicial district composed of the counties of Bucks and Montgomery, against the exercise of Negro suffrage in Pennsylvania : also, the vote of the members of the Pennsylvania Convention, on the motion of Mr. Martin, to insert the word "white" as one of the proposed amendments to the Constitution. 1
JK1929.P4 M53 A Memorial to the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1
JK1929.V81 E64 Equal suffrage: address from the colored citizens of Norfolk, Va., to the people of the United States. Also an account of the agitation among the colored people of Virginia for equal rights, with an appendix concerning the rights of colored witnesses before the state courts. 1
JK1936.A2 B37 Southern Politics and the Second Reconstruction / 1
JK1936.A2 K68 The shaping of Southern politics : suffrage restriction and the establishment of the one-party South, 1880-1910 / 1
JK1936.D61 J8666 1971 Voting representation in Congress for the District of Columbia. Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, first session ... 1
JK1936.I2 B6 1960 Cumulative voting; an effective electoral device in Illinois politics. 1
JK1936.R4 F9 A concise history, of the efforts to obtain an extension of suffrage in Rhode Island; from the year 1811 to 1842. 1
JK1957 .S76 2013 Party Pursuits and The Presidential-House Election Connection, 1900-2008 : 1900 to the Present. 1
JK1961 Electronic Elections : the Perils and Promises of Digital Democracy. 1
JK1961 .S6 1960 Voting and election laws; laws for voters. 1