Call Number (LC) Title Results
JX1291 +C78 Foreign policy decision-making 1
JX1291 +C78s The state system exercise 1
JX1291 .C84 Cumulation in international relations research / 1
JX1291 .D48 The analysis of international relations 1
JX1291 .D48 1978 The analysis of international relations / 1
JX1291 .D93 1985 Dynamic models of international conflict / 1
JX1291 .G93 1963 Simulation in international relations; developments for research and teaching 1
JX1291 .H334 1993 Political opposition and foreign policy in comparative perspective / 1
JX1291 .H55 International crises; insights from behavioral research. 1
JX1291 .I49 1978 International relations theory : a bibliography / 1
JX1291 .J47 Perception and misperception in international politics / 1
JX1291 .J68 Conflict management and peace science. 1
JX1291 .K49 The politics of decision : a comparative study of African policy toward the liberation movements / 1
JX1291 .K72 Contending approaches to international politics, 1
JX1291 .M25 1990 National choices and international processes / 1
JX1291 .M27 Theory and the international system 1
JX1291 .M63 1990 Modeling international conflict / 1
JX1291 .M68 1989 Inquiry : With a New Preface by Harvey Starr.
Inquiry, logic, and international politics /
JX1291.N38 1996 The Navy and Marine Corps in Regional Conflict in the 21st Century. 1
JX1291 .O57 1991b International relations then and now : origins and trends in interpretation / 1