Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF380 .M33 2016 Legal science in the early republic : the origins of American legal thought and education / 1
KF380 .M534 2010 Le mouvement des Critical Legal Studies entre républicanisme et libéralisme de Françoise Michaut : Préface à la session 1985 de la Cour Suprême - La République du droit de Frank I. Michelman / 1
KF380 .N81 Persons and masks of the law : Cardoza, Holmes, Jefferson, and Wythe as makers of the masks / 1
KF380 .P69 2023 Sharpening the legal mind : how to think like a lawyer / 1
KF380 .P7 1991 The Original misunderstanding : the English, the Americans and the dialectic of federalist jurisprudence / 1
KF380 .R33 2012eb Law's history : American legal thought and the transatlantic turn to history / 1
KF380 .S34 1995 American legal realism and empirical social science / 1
KF380 .S67 Social science approaches to the judicial process; a symposium 1
KF380 .S95 1982 Instrumentalism and American legal theory / 1
KF380.W54 1998 The Lost World of Classical Legal Thought : Law and Ideology in America, 1886-1937. 1
KF380 .Z73 2015eb Legal intellectual movements in political time : reconstructive leadership and transformations of legal thought and discourse / 1
KF382 .B46 1990 The enterprise of law : justice without the state / 1
KF382 .B46 2011eb The Enterprise of Law : Justice Without the State. 1
KF382 .F74 2010eb Freedom and the rule of law / 1
KF382 .G59 Change and the law 1
KF382 .K33 1999 The cultural study of law : reconstructing legal scholarship / 1
KF382 .R85 1994 The Rule of law / 1
KF384 Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America : Confrontation or Co-optation?.
Implicit racial bias across the law /
Law and Morality A Survey of Ideas, Issues, and Cases.
KF384.A2 W32 With justice for some: an indictment of the law by young advocates, 1
KF384.A2 W85 The rule of law. 1