Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF384 .F673 New approaches to conflict resolution. 1
KF384 .H69 1994 The death of common sense : how law is suffocating America / 1
KF384 .K83 2006eb Adversarial justice : America's court system on trial / 1
KF384 .M39 2011 Failures of American Civil Justice in International Perspective : International Insights. 1
KF384 .O45 1991 The litigation explosion : what happened when America unleashed the lawsuit / 1
KF384 .P67 2003 Law, pragmatism, and democracy / 1
KF384 .P8 Public law and public policy / 1
KF384 .R67 1996 Just stories : how the law embodies racism and bias / 1
KF384 .S384 2014eb Law and the liberal state / 1
KF384 .T92 The logic of the law. 1
KF384 .V35 The challenge of law reform. 1
KF384.Z9 L83 2001 Nothing but the Truth : Why Trial Lawyers Don't, Can't, and Shouldn't Have to Tell the Whole Truth. 1
KF384.Z9 L83 2001eb Nothing but the truth : why trial lawyers don't, can't, and shouldn't have to tell the whole truth / 1
KF385 A Student's Guide to the Study of Law.
Modern law of sales in the United States /
The role of science in law /
KF385 .A4 1965 American law and procedure; a systematic, non-technical treatment of American law and procedure, 1
KF385.A4 F7 2002 American law in the 20th century / 1
KF385.A4 F7 2002eb American law in the 20th century / 1
KF385.A4 J64 1992 Historic U.S. court cases, 1690-1990 : an encyclopedia / 1
KF385.A4 +J64 2001 Historic U.S. court cases : an encyclopedia / 1
KF385.A4 K58 1996 The life of the law : the people and cases that have shaped our society, from King Alfred to Rodney King / 1