Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFM2765 .B44 1998 The essentials of Massachusetts mental health law : a straightforward guide for clinicians of all disciplines / 1
KFM2779 .H64 People vs handguns : the campaign to ban handguns in Massachusetts / 1
KFM2792.Z9 B69 Civil rights in the political process; an analysis of the Massachusetts racial imbalance law of 1965 1
KFM2811.5 .N4 M46 Law and equal opportunity; a study of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, 1
KFM2821 .D3 Leading the way : a history of the Massachusetts General Court, 1629-1980 / 1
KFM2821.5.R8 +M37 1984 Special report of the Senate Committee on Rules relative to the rule-making powers of the two branches of the General Court. 1
KFM2846 .A3 1970 Compilation and summarization of the Massachusetts general laws, special laws, pertinent court decisions, etc. relating to water and water rights. 1
KFM2905 .K39 1986 Puritan justice and the Indian : white man's law in Massachusetts, 1630-1763 / 1
KFM2905.5.M4 A96 1979 Indian nullification of the unconstitutional laws of Massachusetts, relative to the Marshpee tribe : or, The pretended riot explained / 1
KFM2908 .A83 1992 Reinventing justice, 2022 : report of the Chief Justice's Commission on the Future of the Courts. 1
KFM2928 .A2 1986 West's Massachusetts civil actions and procedure, 1986 : statutory provisions, rules of civil procedure, combined index. 1
KFM2929 .A2 1986 Massachusetts rules of court, 1986, state and federal : with amendments received to February 1, 1986. 1
KFM2935 .A6 1910 Law office and court procedure, 1
KFM2941.5 .M372 Massachusetts expert witnesses / 1
KFM2942.6 .M37 2008 Massachusetts Superior Court civil practice jury instructions / 1
KFM2960.Y6 W6 Legal rights and responsibilities of youth in Massachusetts. / 1
KFM2961.A29 M37 West's Massachusetts criminal law and procedure. 1
KFM2962 .Y64 1993 Virtuous citizens, disruptive subjects : order and complaint in a New England court / 1
KFM2967.C5 +M37 2003 The sexual abuse of children in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston : a report / 1
KFM2999.E8 K66 Law and society in Puritan Massachusetts : Essex County, 1629-1692 / 1