Call Number (LC) Title Results
LA306.W9 +B36 1997 The colleges of Worcester : a foundation for economic success. 1
LA306.W9 +C7 1949 The report of the survey of the plant facilities of the public schools of Worcester, Massachusetts. 1
LA306.W9 C8 1906 Courses of study in mathematics, history, geography, and language for the elementary schools of the city of Worcester. 1
LA306.W9 P14 School-day reminiscences / 1
LA306.W9 W92 Organization of the School Committee and the public schools of the City of Worcester October, 1900. 1
LA306.W9 +W92 1967 Report / 1
LA307 .M1 History of higher education in Michigan, 1
LA307 .S5 1852 System of public instruction and primary school law of Michigan, with explanatory notes, forms, regulations and instructions; a digest of decisions, a detailed history of public instruction ... the history of and laws relating to incorporated institutions of learning &c. &c. 1
LA309.D4 M3 1928 Education in Detroit prior to 1850, 1
LA313.5 .S26 1990eb Making haste slowly : the troubled history of higher education in Mississippi / 1
LA316 .T46 2006eb A second home : Missouri's early schools / 1
LA318.K2 R87 2020 Creating the suburban school advantage : race, localism, and inequality in an American metropolis / 1
LA328 .B9 History of education in New Hampshire, 1
LA331 .B9 1942 Education in New Jersey, 1630-1871 1
LA331 .M9 History of education in New Jersey. 1
LA333.N4 R87 2015 The prize : who's in charge of America's schools? / 1
LA333.T4 D15 Triumph in a white suburb; the dramatic story of Teaneck, N.J., the first town in the Nation to vote for integrated schools, 1
LA334 .M56 2005eb Public education in New Mexico / 1
LA337 .A53 1970 Racial and social class isolation in the schools; implications for educational policy and programs. 1
LA337 .B73 1992 Enduring schools : problems and possibilities / 1