Call Number (LC) Title Results
LB2395.7 .W35 2011eb Unlocking the gates : how and why leading universities are opening up access to their courses / 1
LB2395.7 .Y36 2020eb ELearning for quality teaching in higher education : teachers' perception, practice, and interventions / 1
LB2397 .K96 The strawberry statement; notes of a college revolutionary. 1
LB2397 .M9 Reminiscences, chiefly of towns, villages and schools. 1
LB2424 .B39 2001 Making their own way : narratives for transforming higher education to promote self-development / 1
LB2424 .K38 1994 Cream of the crop : the impact of elite education in the decade after college / 1
LB 2511 + L4 1955 School pupils and the law. 1
LB2514 .H9 School laws of the forty-eight States. 1
LB2514 .Y3 The ... Yearbook of school law. 1
LB2515 1915 Digest of state laws relating to public education in force January 1, 1915. 1
LB2515 .U58 1964 Enactments by the 88th Congress concerning education and training, 1963-1964, with related Presidential recommendations, legislative histories of the bills, and digests of the enactments. 1
LB2523 .E2 1955 The courts and the public schools; the legal basis of school organization and administration. 1
LB2523 .G27 1965 School law 1
LB2523 .H7 State laws relating to education, 1915-1923 / 1
LB2523 .P8 The power and authority of school officers and teachers in the management and government of public schools and over pupils out of school as determined by the courts of the several states, 1
LB2523 .R3 1959 An evaluation of existing forms of school laws, with recommendations for their improvement. 1
LB2523 .S98 1966 Current legal concepts in education. 1
LB2525 .E335 1971b To establish a National Institute of Education. Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, first session, on H.R. 33, H.R. 3606, and other related bills ... 1
LB2525 .E4 Charters and basic laws of selected American universities and colleges, 1
LB2525 .E4c The colleges and the courts; judicial decisions regarding institutions of higher education in the United States, 1