Call Number (LC) Title Results
LB627 .G9 1890 Pestalozzi: his life and work, 1
LB627 .H7 Pestalozzi; an account of his life and work, 1
LB627 .S5 1960 Pestalozzi, the man and his work. 1
LB628 .G98 Pestalozzi & education. 1
LB628 .H33 1979 The educational ideas of Pestalozzi and Fröbel / 1
LB628 .H43 Pestalozzi: his thought and its relevance today 1
LB629 .H5 Pestalozzi's Idee eines A B C der anschauung als ein zyklus von vorübungen 1
LB638 .B7 1893 Froebel and education by self-activity, 1
LB639 .L41 Froebel and English education : perspectives on the founder of the kindergarten / 1
LB643 .F3 The science of education : its general principles deduced from its aim and the æsthetic revelation of the world / 1
LB643 .R5 1885 Allgemeine pädagogik aus dem zwecke der Erziehung abgeleitet. 1
LB643 .S1 Joh. Friedr. Herbarts pädagogische Schriften. 1
LB643 .W8 Johann Friedrich Herbarts pädagogische Schriften / 1
LB643 .Z7 Umriss pädagogischer vorlesungen / 1
LB648 .C7 1907 Herbart and education by instruction, 1
LB648 .D3 Herbart and the Herbartians / 1
LB648 .D3 2 Herbart and the Herbartians / 1
LB648 .D91 Herbart and Herbartianism; an educational ghost story 1
LB675 Heterogenität Zur Konjunktur Eines Pädagogischen Konzepts. 1
LB675.A7 C7 1950 The educational thought and influence of Matthew Arnold / 1