Call Number (LC) Title Results
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LC5256.A2 Lifelong learning, young adults and the challenges of disadvantage in Europe /
Landscapes of lifelong learning policies across Europe : comparative case studies /
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LC5256.A2 .K635 2013 Analysis and Comparison of Forms and Methods for the Education of Older Adults in the V4 Countries. 1
LC5256.A9 Continuing education in regions with population decline : establishment of a supportive learning network through the Adult Education Centre / 1
LC5256.F8 T53 La promotion sociale / 1
LC5256.G7 Lifelong learning in the UK : an introductory guide for education studies /
Middle Management in FE /
Managerial cultures in UK further and vocational education : transforming techno-rationalism into collaboration /
Sir George Trevelyan, residential adult education and the new age : 'to open the immortal eye' /
Discover Your Hidden Talents : the Essential Guide to Lifelong Learning.
Learning for life : politics and progress in recurrent education /
Teaching and Learning in Further Education : Diversity and change.
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Religion, Business and Wealth in Modern Britain.
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