Call Number (LC) Title Results
LD2155 + A38 Education, bricks and mortar; Harvard buildings and their contribution to the advancement of learning. 1
LD2155 .B48 2004eb Harvard A to Z / 1
LD2155 +P49 2017 The Philosophy Chamber : Art and Science in Harvard's Teaching Cabinet, 1766-1820 / 1
LD2157 .M39 1992x Five views : one landscape : a journal of experiments in public art / 1
LD2160 .L54 2001 Making the most of college : students speak their minds / 1
LD 2162 + W5 Rollo̓s journey to Cambridge. 1
LD2166.P8 H3 1839 Catalogue of the honorary and immediate members and of the library of the Porcellian Club of Harvard University. 1
LD2175 1869 .E42 A turning point in higher education; the inaugural address of Charles William Eliot as president of Harvard College, October 19, 1869. 1
LD2175 1909 .Y4 Abbott Lawrence Lowell, 1856-1943. 1
LD2177 1887 A record of the commemoration, November fifth to eight, 1886, on the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Harvard College. 1
LD2177 1936 .A6 Notes on the Harvard tercentenary ... 1
LD2177 1936 .A6t 1937 The tercentenary of Harvard college, a chronicle of the tercentenary year, 1935-1936. 1
LD2213 .H3 1892 A history of Haverford College for the first sixty years of its existence. 1
LD2241.H482 C42 Freedom and independence : the Hillsdale story / 1
LD2241.H6 B8 1940 A campus decade; the Hiram study plan of intensive courses, 1
LD2263 .B8 1956 Hobart College, oldest Episcopal college in U.S.A. 1
LD2281.H28 +H76 Trustees of the College of the Holy Cross : by-laws, as adopted by the Corporation on August 31, 1967 / 1
LD2281 .H29 1963-1964 The President's Report : College of the Holy Cross ; Preface by Very Rev. Raymond J. Swords, S.J. 1
LD2281.H3g +D73 First draft of a paper on education at Holy Cross with designs for new structures of education for the College / 1
LD2281.H31a H7a Alumni directory / 1