Call Number (LC) Title Results
LD 2375 1947 + F3 Ferment in education; the problems, responsibilities, and opportunities of universities in this time; a symposium at the installation of George Dinsmore Stoddard as President of the University of Illinois. 1
LD2378 The University of Illinois : engine of innovation / 1
LD2380 Black power on campus : the University of Illinois, 1965-75 / 1
LD2380 .J2 Sixteen years at the University of Illinois; a statistical study of the administration of President Edmund J. James. 1
LD2380 .N5 1917 Illinois, 1
LD2381 An Illini place : building the University of Illinois campus / 1
LD2516 1938.W44 C38 2012eb Herman B Wells : the promise of the American university / 1
LD2518 Indiana University Bloomington America's Legacy Campus. 1
LD2518 .C59 Indiana University, midwestern pioneer 1
LD2518.8 .W96 2002eb Dissent in the heartland : the sixties at Indiana University / 1
LD2530.9 .H85 2020 Faces and Places of IUPUI : Fifty Years in Indianapolis / 1
LD2547 .A84 2009eb Farm House : college farm to university museum / 1
LD2569 .S36 2006eb The University of Iowa guide to campus architecture / 1
LD2591.I64 R8 1942 A history of the Iowa state college of agriculture and mechanic arts. 1
LD2596.J22 B75 2020eb Steeped in the blood of racism : Black power, law and order, and the 1970 shootings at Jackson State College / 1
LD2601.J42 P53 2017eb Educating the sons of sugar : Jefferson College and the Creole planter class of South Louisiana / 1
LD2601.J92 G38 1985 John Carroll University : a century of service / 1
LD2625.8.H6 T4 Johns Hopkins; a silhouette, 1
LD2625.8.H6 T5 2009 Johns Hopkins : a silhouette / 1
LD2626 1876 .C7 Daniel Coit Gilman and the protean Ph. D.; the shaping of American graduate education. 1