Call Number (LC) Title Results
LD3234.M22 C3 1962 The University of Massachusetts; a history of one hundred years. 1
LD3248.M5 Through the banks of the red cedar / 1
LD3248.M5 A83 2003eb The test / 1
LD3268 .B1 1948 Michigan and the Cleveland era; sketches of University of Michigan staff members and alumni who served the Cleveland administrations, 1885-89, 1893-97. 1
LD3275 1871 .S6 James Burrill Angell: an American influence. 1
LD3278 .P36 The making of the University of Michigan, 1817-1967, 1
LD3278 .S1 1948 Michigan, the story of the university. 1
LD3278 .S5 The University of Michigan, 1
LD3280 A university for the 21st century / 1
LD3311 .O4 Statement of facts, relative to the appointment of the author to the office of Professor of Chemistry, in Middlebury College, and the termination of his connexion with that college / 1
LD3326.5 .A47 University Looks at its Program : the Report of the University of Minnesota Bureau of Institutional Research, 1942-1952. 1
LD3345 +1946 The crisis of mankind; the urgent educational tasks of the university in our time. 1
LD3348 .G7 1951 The University of Minnesota, 1851-1951 / 1
LD3350.L45 LD3350.L45 2001 LD3350 University of Minnesota, 1945-2000. 1
LD3354 .M6 1958 How to estimate the building needs of a college or university: a demonstration of methods developed at the University of Minnesota. 1
LD3369.5.R6 L45 2020 Campus with Purpose : Building a Mission-Driven Campus / 1
LD3381.M62 B35 2008eb Maroon and white : Mississippi State University, 1878-2003 / 1
LD3412.9.M55 A3 Three years in Mississippi 1
LD3413 .C65 1997 The band played Dixie : race and the liberal conscience at Ole Miss / 1
LD3413 .L36 2009 The battle of Ole Miss : civil rights v. states' rights / 1