Call Number (LC) Title Results
ML182 .P44 2011 Giving voice to love : song and self-expression from the troubadours to Guillaume de Machaut / 2
ML182 .S66 2001eb Songs of the women trouvères / 1
ML182 .W47 The chansons of the trouvères : a study in rhythmic and melodic analysis / 1
ML 182 .W47 1972 The chansons of the troubadours and trouvères; a study of the melodies and their relation to the poems. 1
ML 183 .M44 1990 The music of early Minnesang / 1
ML183 .T33 The art of the Minnesinger; songs of the thirteenth century 1
ML188 .H36 +1895 A treatise on Byzantine music, 1
ML188 .L56 2012eb The past is always present : the revival of the Byzantine musical tradition at Mount Athos / 1
ML 188 .S87 1977 Essays on music in the Byzantine world / 1
ML188 .W363 1961eb A history of Byzantine music and hymnography / 1
ML188 .W363 1998 A history of Byzantine music and hymnography / 1
ML189 .F3 1965 Al-Fārābī's Arabic-Latin writings on music in the Ihsā' al-'ulūm (Escorial Library, Madrid, no. 646), De scientiis (British Museum, Cott. ms. Vesp. B.X., and Bibl. nat., Paris, no. 6298, and Bodleian Library, Oxford, no. 3623), etc.; 1
ML189.F3 K37 2015eb Henry George Farmer and the First International Congress of Arab Music (Cairo 1932) / 1
ML189 .G65 2020 Höfische Musikkultur im klassischen Islam : Ibn Faḍlallāh al-'Umarī (gest. 749/1349) über die dichterische und musikalische Kunst der Sängersklavinnen / 1
ML189 .S5 1993 The dimension of music in Islamic and Jewish culture / 1
ML 189 .W74 The modal system of Arab and Persian music, A.D. 1250-1300 / 1
ML190 The motet in the late middle ages / 1
ML190 .B47 1987 Musica ficta : theories of accidental inflections in vocal polyphony from Marchetto da Padova to Gioseffo Zarlino / 1
ML190 .C2 1972 Music in the medieval and Renaissance universities. 1
ML190 .L43 2007 Sung birds : music, nature, and poetry in the later Middle Ages / 1