Call Number (LC) Title Results
ML3556 .C8 1963 Negro folk music, U.S.A. 1
ML3556 .D33 2014 Nothing but love in God's water / 1
ML3556 .D44 Reflections on Afro-American music. 1
ML3556 .E8 1981 Sinful tunes and spirituals : Black folk music to the Civil War / 1
ML3556 .F53 Negro slave songs in the United States. 1
ML3556 .F65 1995 The power of Black music : interpreting its history from Africa to the United States / 1
ML3556 .J66 2019 So you want to sing spirituals : a guide for performers / 1
ML3556 .K27 Urban blues. 1
ML3556 .K92 Afro-American folksongs; a study in racial and national music. 1
ML3556 .L81 The Negro and his music. Negro art: past and present 1
ML3556 .M38 Afro-American religious music : a study in musical diversity / 1
ML3556 .O27 The Negro and his songs; a study of typical Negro songs in the South, 1
ML 3556 O27n Negro workaday songs, 1
ML3556 .O456 1986 The New Grove gospel, blues, and jazz, with spirituals and ragtime / 1
ML3556 .O466 1984 Songsters and saints : vocal traditions on race records / 1
ML3556 +P31 The Negro in music and art. 1
ML3556 .R22 2003 Race music : black cultures from bebop to hip-hop / 1
ML3556 .R3  
ML3556 .R3 1960 Been here and gone / 1
ML3556 .R6 1972 Black music of two worlds / 1