Call Number (LC) Title Results
ML431 .B69 2011eb Silent music : medieval song and the construction of history in eighteenth-century Spain / 1
ML431 .C255 2011 The calligraphy of medieval music / 1
ML431 .G75 2021 Musical notation in the West / 1
ML431 .K45 2015 Capturing music : the story of notation / 1
ML431 .P37 1978 The notation of medieval music / 1
ML431 .R6 New music vocabulary: a guide to notational signs for contemporary music. 1
ML437 .H43 1993 Rhythmic alteration in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music : notes inégales and overdotting / 1
ML437 .S1 1953 Rhythm and tempo; a study in music history. 1
ML442 .B67 1987 The performance of the basso continuo in Italian baroque music / 1
ML444 .H93 2006 Jumping to conclusions : the falling-third cadences in chant, polyphony, and recitative / 1
ML444 .R92 Composition with twelve notes related only to one another; 1
ML444 .T5 A history of harmonic theory in the United States / 1
ML444 .W26 1985 Viennese harmonic theory from Albrechtsberger to Schenker and Schoenberg / 1
ML444 .W483 2015e What is a cadence? : Theoretical and analytical perspectives on cadences in the classical repertoire / 1
ML446 Fugue in the Sixteenth Century 1
ML446 .M67 Contrapuntal technique in the sixteenth century, 1
ML448 .H8 1981 Passacaglio and ciaccona : from guitar music to Italian keyboard variations in the 17th century / 1
ML 448 .M25 1987 The study of fugue / 1
ML448 .O4 The technique and spirit of fugue; an historical study. 1
ML448 .S38 2004ea Wanderer fantasy / 1